Camino routes in Croatia

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The Croatian confraternity of St James has undertaken an ambitious project of reconstructing the mediaeval pilgrimage routes through Croatia that guided pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela.

Croatia has a rich history related to the Camino, from the local confraternities who were active as far back as 1203.,  pilgrim cloaks who were made in these parts, pilgrimages on behalf of others- “per anima mea”, to special privileges which were accorded to pilgrims who successfully walked from Croatia to Santiago de Compostela and back in the Middle Ages.

The entire project is complex, the labour will be hard, and we are but a few enthusiasts who earnestly desire to to promote the Camino experience.However, enthusiasm is what we have plenty of, and with the help of  all those who wish to join us, we hope to recreate a detailed network of pilgrimage routes through Croatia, on the the European network of Ways of St. James.

The project will be done in stages, section by section, as our our limited resources allow.over the years we aim to complete the entire network of Camino routes throughout Croatia.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can help us with this project, please contact us.

Camino Croatia

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